Boer Goats

We raise a wide variety of registered Boer goats from traditional to various dappled and solids.


Longhorn Cattle

We maintain a small herd of registered longhorn cattle. This herd generates approximately a crop of fifteen head annually.


Horses have been a longtime passion on the farm since the early  nineties. We have bred raised and sold literally hundreds.

The Shaw Family Farm

Arkansas Hill Farm

The farm has been own and operated by Jim and Tami Shaw and their three sons Craig, Chance and Cody since 1992. The land was passed down from RC and Fayeon Pounds who held the ground since the late 1960's. The Farm has gone from cattle and hogs through the 70's to hunting dogs through the 80's. The ninety’s seen horses with as many as one hundred head at one time calling it home. Since 2000, the fall of the horse market has shifted our focus in various directions.


 Shaw Hill Farms


Herd Dogs ​for sale

Beef Cattle

We're currently building a new herd of commerical beef stock using registered Braunveieh as the core.